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A Fun Day In Boise Idaho

Jan 8

Located in Boise, Idaho, Pure-Clear Window Cleaning offers exceptional window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, Christmas light installation, and holiday lighting installations. In Boise for 30 years, the business's owner, Bow Angemi, and his father Frank have worked side by side cleaning windows. We have a license, a bond, and insurance. Each individual on our team is kind, amiable, and respectful. For every customer, we strive to deliver a first-rate experience from beginning to end. Beginning in early 2023, Blue Gander will replace Pure-Clear as the company name.

Boise is the state capital and the most populous city in Idaho. It is located on the Boise River in southwest Idaho. The city is surrounded by mountains and has a relatively warm climate, but it can be cold in the winter.

The temperature in the Treasure Valley can vary by as much as 30 degF (17 degC) in the summer and by as little as 0 degF (-18 degC) in the winter. This is because of the area's elevation, which is 2,704 feet (824 meters) above sea level. Most of the snowfall in the valley is produced by cold, shallow surface air that is trapped by the mountains. However, when the weather is milder, rain rather than snow can fall.

During the warmest months, the Boise airport receives eleven inches of precipitation each year. During the cool season, the airport receives three quarters of its annual precipitation between November and May.

In the winter, the average snowfall in the Treasure Valley is 18 inches. Occasionally, several inches may fall in a single event. Some of the biggest snowfalls in the area have occurred when the cold, shallow air was trapped at the surface.

In the summer, temperatures are generally hot and dry. During the night, the temperature drops to about 0 degF (-18 degC). Snowfall can also be heavy, with up to three inches falling in a single night.

Boise's climate is semi-arid. Temperatures are typically around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. However, on some days, it can reach 90 degF. Typical winters are chilly, with temperatures around 20 degrees.

The average cost of car insurance in Boise is lower than in other parts of the country. Monthly energy bills are also quite low.

Boise has numerous recreational opportunities. Visitors can hike the Greenbelt trail, which is a 25-mile route that runs along the Boise River. The trail includes wildlife habitats and picnic tables. Also, the Capital City Public Market has fresh produce and artisan handiwork on weekends.

Boise is also known for its affordable housing. The median price for a home in Boise is $221,475, making it a popular location for those who want to buy a house. Additionally, the city has an abundance of cultural attractions. You can tour the state's Capitol building or the old prison, called the Old Penitentiary.

The Old Penitentiary has been converted into a museum, which hosts a number of educational exhibits. It is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Another is the Basque Block, which is a section of the city dedicated to the native Basque people.

The Basque Museum and Cultural Center showcases the unique heritage of the Basque people in Boise. The city is also home to the national oldest continually used Jewish temple, the Ahavath Beth Israel Temple.

There are also many museums and other cultural attractions in the city. For example, the Boise Art Museum offers a wide variety of programs. Among other things, the museum features a Sculpture Court, an Education Wing, and a Bubble Wall.