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Apartment Cleaning in Seattle WA

Jul 26

Seattle, WA Apartment Cleaning

Do you want to be more awake and alert? Many people hesitate to employ professional cleaning services because their house isn't big enough. However, you don't necessarily need additional space to perform your job. It's all about how you organize your home and what supplies you have in your home. They'll ensure that your home is sparkling. You'll be able to sit back and unwind without worrying about dust or dirt gathering everywhere in your house.

Why is it Important to Keep your Home Clean?

There are numerous motives to keep your house tidy. One of the most important is that if you receive an official business card, they will instantly determine if they are meeting their standards by how clean your place appears. Unclean homes are linked with depression and poor immune health. Another reason to keep your home neat is to show respect to yourself and those who visit. If we host guests, it means that we can give them an excellent first impression of our lives and ourselves.

Your home is your sanctuary. It's where you unwind after a tiring day. It doesn't matter if you live in an apartment, a house, or a condominium. You want it to be inviting and tidy for all who visit. Cleaning your apartment is laborious and can become arduous if it's not done correctly. If you work long hours or want to leave the cleaning chores up to somebody else, professional apartment cleanings are precisely what you require.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

Your home will be sparkling clean and free of dirt or dust. You'll enjoy the fresh scent of cleaners to create a welcoming environment. They can also handle overcrowded areas, like hallways and entrances. These spaces are often subject to dirt from shoes and pet hair.

What Do these Cleaners Offer?

Professional cleaners offer various services, including periodic cleanings, one-time visits, and on-call services. You'll be able to find them to take care of your particular requirements with their knowledge in this area. They're trained on how best to manage various surfaces in an apartment or home, and you won't have to worry about any damage caused during cleaning.


Working with professionals will be much simpler to organize your apartment. It is possible to give them a list of tasks they are responsible for so there is no omission and the job gets done faster. You could also give them a plan of tasks to finish so that no part is neglected or given a higher prioritization. The cleaning service has experience working on different surfaces, appliances, and furniture. This means they know how best to clean each item to protect the surface inside your home.

Furniture Protection

Professional cleaners are trained to shield all types of upholstery while cleaning an apartment or house, So there's less risk involved when having this service done on the things in your home. They use steam vacuums designed to protect against upholstery damage and ensure that your furniture is cleaned. You can also have large areas of carpet cleaned by them, meaning you are free to do other things. This isn't possible by doing this task on your own because it can take a lot of time.


Freshly cleaned apartment spaces make it easy to feel at home in any room. There's no need to worry about guests who are exhausted from sitting on dusty furniture or feeling uncomfortable because they are resting their feet on filthy carpeted flooring. Professionals will wash all surfaces easily, ensuring more peace in your home when having this service done by professionals.


Professional cleaners use products specifically created to kill bacteria and germs and dust mites, which means that it is safer for your health to perform these tasks yourself. Professional help is required to clean every room in an apartment or house. This ensures that no one is exposed to any harmful elements.

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning your apartment or house is not as simple as it appears. It takes more than bleach and water to do the job right. A professional cleaner will be equipped with the tools needed to clean every space in an apartment or house. This can be challenging when you aren't aware of the substances utilized. Knowing the best method to clean each surface ensures that no damage will be done while removing dirt and grime accumulated in your home without leaving nasty odors. They utilize products specifically created for this type of cleaning.

NW Maids offer many services like regular appointments, one-time visits, and even on-call service, so there's no need to fret about scheduling appointments yourself. They're skilled in what they do, and it's evident that they love their job because of how well they care for the spaces in the house or apartment that is being cleaned.

How much do Apartment Cleaners Charge Hourly?

Cleaning up your apartment in Seattle, WA, is an option many have come to depend on. While it isn't cheap, most people think it's well worth the expense. It makes sense to research the cost and what you expect when they show up at your residence with their high-end equipment.

Most cleaning companies will offer flat rates before hiring an employee to do the work! The prices range from $75 to $100 for an hourly rate. Apartment cleaners tend to focus on kitchens and bathrooms. However, they can also clean baseboards and do other jobs if they have time after completing the main tasks for the day. Cleaning your apartment in Seattle isn't cheap, but most people believe it's worth it. If you're planning to pay for this cleaning service, you want to be sure you're hiring a reputable business. Also, you must know whether the cleaning service you hire can work with your schedule and meet any special requests or needs.

Tips for Cleaning an Apartment

Maintaining your house is not easy, even if you're living in a cramped apartment. If you're like most people who live in apartments, there's just barely enough room for two people to move around comfortably (and that means not having the luxury of additional cleaning). However, that doesn't mean that you can't do it! It's essential to know how to keep your home clean without over-simplifying. There are numerous methods to keep your apartment clean. Here's a list of the best:

  • Keep your kitchen well-stocked with products and cleaners that can help you keep the cleanliness of the kitchen you cook in. If the soap you use for your dishwasher isn't getting everything as sparkling as it should be, try using an alternative brand or something more robust than what you already use.
  • A great way to maintain your bathroom's cleanliness is with a squeegee following your take a shower or exiting the tub. This can help reduce the stains caused by water and to keep the shower spotless even when you don't use it often.
  • Appliances should be kept in good working order to ensure they can be used quickly and will not stop working whenever you require them. If your oven isn’t heating up as it should, take the burners off and then consider buying a new appliance.
  • It is also essential to ensure that your furniture and other items aren't worn or dirty. If you own a sofa, love seat, or recliner in the apartment with stained or ripped edges, this will affect the cleanliness of everything else too. For instance, if there are tears in the upholstery, dirt will be a lot more difficult to penetrate the interior and then sit there in the hope of ruining other things within the space.
  • To be able to see outside, your rooms will feel more spacious and open if you maintain them. Dirty windows are a frequent problem, but they're easy to fix using Windex or another cleaner designed specifically for glass surfaces. Spraying ammonia onto stubborn windows will help them come off. Let it sit for several hours before washing off.
  • It can be difficult to clean an apartment with many furniture pieces. It's possible to relocate the entire furniture in one space to clean or dust other areas. It is also possible to purchase specific covers for furniture such as recliners if they're primarily unoccupied but consume a lot of space in your living area.

If you have trouble keeping your apartment clean but aren't able to spare the time or funds for a high-priced cleaning service, you should look for an affordable cleaning company that offers quality service, such as NW Maids. We offer residential cleaning services across the Seattle region, including apartments in downtown Seattle, WA.

NW Maids is a professional cleaning service that will help you keep your apartment neat with little effort. Our green services assure our customers that their homes will be cared for with great attention to detail. We can assist you in keeping your apartment tidy and any other space in your home tidy.


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