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What is the difference between commercial office cleaning and janitorial services?

Jun 26


You know the importance of maintaining your workspace clean and organized when you run or own your own business. The impression people get about your company can impact the bottom line of your business and how they see your company. For example, a company that doesn't maintain its space properly will not be able to draw customers. Your employees' performance can be affected as well if the workplace isn't kept clean and tidy. Cleaning up your workplace is proven to boost employee satisfaction and make them more productive.

Some companies hire an in-house team of cleaners to ensure their offices are clean. Others don't have the budget or prefer to work with an external company. They will need to hire an expert to provide commercial or janitorial services. While the terms "janitorial services" and "commercial cleaning service" are frequently used in conjunction, they are different kinds of cleaning services. Understanding the distinctions between these different types of services is important in the event that you're planning to hire an expert to maintain your office or commercial building.


Janitorial Services vs. Commercial Cleaning What is the difference?

There's a significant difference between commercial and janitorial cleaning. Commercial cleaning requires more effort and is often more frequent. Deep carpet cleaning is offered by a commercial cleaning company in Tampa. Janitorial services are used for regular vacuuming. For maintenance and cleaning on a daily basis the janitorial service is an excellent alternative. For a thorough cleaning and preparation of your premises for special occasions, businesses might want to think about hiring commercial cleaners.


Janitorial Services

A janitorial services provider can handle your regular cleaning requirements and will keep your workplace clean. This means that your office or facility will appear clean and open to customers and guests. Companies schedule janitorial services based on their needs, often on a weekly, daily or bi-weekly schedule. If you hire a janitorial service provider then you are responsible for the creation of the schedule and cleaning tasks.


Professionals in the field of Janitorial are educated to utilize products and equipment to minimize cross-contamination and maintain the cleanliness and health of the environment. They are extremely popular:

  • Make sure the bathroom is clean

  • Clean up breakrooms and kitchens for employees

  • You should sweep and mop hard-surface floors

  • Vacuuming the carpet

  • Dusting

  • Take your trash out

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services can be contracted to handle larger cleaning tasks that aren't required often. Commercial cleaning services are typically hired for one-time tasks. Most companies will hire professionals to tidy their offices. Your company should know the scope of larger cleaning projects as well as the dates they will be completed so that you can determine the best time to schedule your commercial cleaning. Find out about their services and determine if they offer an assurance of satisfaction.

Commercial cleaning companies usually offer these services:

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Grout and tile cleaning

  • Hard surface floor cleaning

  • Cleaning furniture and upholstery

  • Window washing

  • Power washing


Deciding between Janitorial Services & Commercial Cleaning

The Janitorial Services are an excellent choice if you're looking to maintain a consistent cleaning that will keep your office or workplace well-maintained and clean. However, you should speak to a commercial cleaning company when you are dealing with big cleaning tasks like upholstery or power washing. A lot of service providers provide both services for cleaning. Businesses can benefit from both kinds of services all year. To reduce time and not having to manage several contractors, employ a commercial cleaning service.

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